Our flagship product is the ECAM FastTest for the COVID-19 pandemic. The ECAM FastTest is based on advanced lateral flow membrane assay diagnostic technology.

ECAM FastTest is a new generation of rapid testing which will enable people to go into confined environments with others, knowing they were free of the virus that day.

Scientists report* that up to 80% of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 virus is by so-called ‘superspreaders’ with a higher viral load, who may actually be asymptomatic up to 50% of the time. Routine and regular testing for COVID-19 by ECAM FastTest can enable the detection of potential superspreaders so they can self isolate and prevent further transmission. Reducing exposure to transmission risk is a valuable public health outcome for all.

*  How ‘Superspreading’ Events Drive Most COVID-19 Spread – Scientific American  and The timing of COVID-19 transmission

Optional Healthcare Test Product for Winter 21/22: ECAM FastTest for FluA and FluB

Product performance validation by Public Health England (PHE) Porton Down

Slide ECAM FastTest Video (1:40)

Lateral Flow Assay Technology is Simple in Principle. Lateral Flow Assay Technology is Simple in Principle.

Features and Benefits of ECAM FastTest

Low cost

£3.99 per test
(with industrial rebate on pre-orders)

Rapid result

10-15 minutes
(faster with ECAM FastReader)

Convenient Self-Test

Saliva in receptacle
(no swab)

Point-of Care Performance

Competitive, high quality
SARS-CoV-2 infection diagnostic

No user skill required

Home or Business Test

Expected Availability

In time for winter 2020/21
(Discuss needs)

Results Recorded for Free

Personal results may be recorded on free “CHEC” mobile app: Covid Health Examined Certificate (CHEC). Private data for personal use
(GDPR regulatory compliant)

Performance Validation

Prior to delivery, technical test performance validation will conform with Gov UK published Guidance